• Funchannel2 Productions is a non - TV Mac website movie company created for entertainment, and movies. It was founded in April 1, 2010, which was an Youtube-company, and is now a movie company beyond. Funchannel2 has earned $22 in its first film and FC2P will have a film festival by the end of the June (25th). FC2P's prize in the film festival will be a chance to play with the XBOX (non-360) It happens after the 4 films. In October, FC2P will have its first film based on the 20th century which takes place in Dominican Republic. By July, FC2P is releasing a film similar to the title of the Judy Moody movie which instead will have SpongeBob on the film due to release in July 16. FC2P does not give out refunds in every movie. Funchannel2 is releasing the very last VHS release sometime during summer 2011 which is its first film. FC2P has a price range. For 10-minute to 20 minute films it is 1 dollar for adult and 50 cents for child. For 20 minute to 30 minute films it is 2 dollar for adult and 1 dollar for child. For film festivals it is 3 dollars for adult and 2 dollars for child. FC2P's price range is staying the same old way. By 2012, FC2P will have another price range this time with the same old prices, but putting another range (30 minute to 40 minute films).

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